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Fetching Data

In Social Tokens, we learned about the on chain structure of Strata:

How do we use this to get and display the data we need? The answer is that we treat it like a giant NoSQL Database

Solana: A giant Key/Value store

At its core, Solana is just a giant Key/Value store. A public key is the key, and there's some blob of data at that value. Some blobs we make use of are

  • Collectives
  • Token Ref
  • Token Bonding
  • Curve
  • Token Account
  • Token Mint
  • Token Metadata

The list goes on. Every one of these has a public key.

Solana has the idea of a Public Key that is deterministically derived from a set of inputs. This is called a Program Derived Address (PDA)


A Program Derived Address is an address that can be deterministically derived from a smart contract and a set of inputs. The smart contract "owns" this address, and can sign for operations involving this address.

These deterministically derived addresses give us another tool. Don't have the Public key for a TokenRef on hand? Get it from the wallet of the token holder:


Now we can fetch that object


Most of the calls in this guide have React hook equivalents. For example, useTokenRef, useTokenBonding, useClaimedTokenRefKey, etc. Be sure to take a look at the React Guide and React API

The Star Schema: TokenRefs

The Token Ref is at the heart of Strata. Given a token ref, you can fetch any information you need about a social token:

import { getMintInfo, getTokenAccount } from "@strata-foundation/spl-utils";

Getting to the Token Ref

You can get to a token ref if you know any of the following sets of information:

  • owner - The wallet of the individual, where you want to access their primary social token
  • owner, collective - The social token of a wallet within a particular collective
  • name, collective - An unclaimed social token registered to a name service name within a collective
  • mint - The Mint of the social token

All of these can be accessed from SplTokenCollective.ownerTokenRefKey and SplTokenCollective.mintTokenRefKey:

import { getNameAccountKey, getHashedName } from "@solana/spl-name-service";

Token Bonding

Token bonding instances are also indexed by mint. You can get a token bonding from a mint using SplTokenBonding.tokenBondingKey(mint)


Solana as a Graph

Using PDAs and Public Keys, Solana begins to act like a graph that we can traverse. Use a public key to access a blob of data that gives you another public key. This is an edge to another node in the Solana graph. An edge is either explicit, as, or via a PDA

Want to go from a mint to the wallet of the user this social token represents? Go from mint --> token ref --> owner:

var mint = new PublicKey("....");
var mintTokenRefKey = (await SplTokenCollective.mintTokenRefKey(mint))[0];
var tokenRef = await tokenCollectiveSdk.getTokenRef(;
var wallet = tokenRef.owner;