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Fungible Entangler

Strata has another primitive called Fungible Entangler. This is a tool for swapping a fungible token 1-to-1 for a different token. This primitive is used to enable token offerings where the sale is optionally reversible, i.e. after purchasing tokens through a token offering, they can be swapped back for the coins they were purchased with.

An entangler consists of two token stores, a parent and a child. Swaps can be done either from the parent to the child or vice versa. A swap consists of depositing a token to one store and withdrawing an equal amount from the other store.


To configure a fungible entangler, you need:

  • amount - The amount of tokens you'd like to initially deposit to the parent for swap liquidity.
  • parentMint - The mint of the parent token.
  • childMint - The mint of the child token.

Let's create a fungible entangler to allow users to swap an old token for a new token.

Start by creating two tokens to use:


Create a Fungible Entangler

Let's create a fungible entangler to offer swaps between the old token and new token



Swaps can be done in either direction by any user, provided there is enough liquidity on the other side.