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Dynamic Pricing Mint


Your mint is live! You can visit it at the following url:


Candy Machine ID

Dynamic Pricing Token Bonding ID

Youโ€™ll need these important links to access your deployment.

This admin page:

The url for the mint:

Configuration - Convert to Dynamic Pricing

If your candy machine is not currently running with the dynamic pricing you created, you can convert it here. Make sure to remove any whitelist settings from the configuration, unless you want dynamic price minting to also require a whitelist token.

You can look at the current configuration here:


Collect Funds

When the mint is over, if you are the beneficiary (admin) of the mint you should see a disburse funds option here:

If you would like to disburse funds and recover rent from the bonding curve (this will render the UI unusable):

Embed to your site

yarn add @strata-foundation/react @strata-foundation/marketplace-ui react-shadow
import { MarketplaceProviders, DynamicPricingCandyMachine } from "@strata-foundation/marketplace-ui";
import { usePublicKey } from "@strata-foundation/react";
import { CSSReset } from "@chakra-ui/react";
import { useWalletModal } from "@solana/wallet-adapter-react-ui";
import ReactShadow from "react-shadow/emotion";

Light Mode:


Dark Mode:

import { DarkMode } from "@chakra-ui/react";

Live Pricing Plots

The following will show you both the current price volatility and the projected changes over time and supply. You can click the dots on either plot to simulate purchases or the passage of time.