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Getting Started

Strata chat is a fully decentralized, embeddable, token gated chat solution. You can use our public interface at Or follow the docs here to embed chat anywhere you'd like!

The code for this chatroom is entirely open source here

The program code behind it is here

You can view the chat-ui and chat sdk documentation in the sidebar, under "API".

Initializing the SDK

Let's get started by installing the sdk

yarn add @strata-foundation/chat

Now, we can initialize the sdk:

import { PublicKey } from "@solana/web3.js"
import * as anchor from "@project-serum/anchor";
import { BN } from "bn.js";
import { ChatSdk } from "@strata-foundation/chat";

const provider = anchor.getProvider();

const chatSdk = await ChatSdk.init(provider);

Creating a Chatroom

There are two kinds of chats in Strata. Identified chats, and unidentified chat. Identified chats are publically accessible via their identifier at

Identifiers are managed via Cardinal NFTs. Holding the NFT gives you admin access to control the chat. To avoid conflicts, lets create an unidentified chat.

Live Code

You can run and edit all of the code blocks in this tutorial against Solana devnet! The above block contains all of the needed imports.

Use var instead of let or const so that these blocks can be re-run

Let's create a chat that requires 0.01 sol to post and read:


Now, let's send a message


Display Chatbox with React

First, make sure to setup our providers. You may also want to use ReactShadow to ensure our styles do not conflict with yours:

import { ChatProviders } from "@strata-foundation/chat-ui";

export function BaseComponent({ children }) {
return <ReactShadow.div>
<ChatProviders resetCss onError={err => console.error(err)}>
{ children }

Now we can display the messages in the chat:

import { useMessages, Chatroom } from "@strata-foundation/chat-ui";

Next Steps

Interested in customizing the chat? Head over to the Composability docs!